2014B Day 25: The Clouds Came Back

Long boring night tonight, sitting around waiting for clouds to clear. We started out ok, but after about 2 hours the clouds rolled in. We closed for several hours, and then opened but couldn’t get anything done with extinction jumping between 0 and more than 5 mags.

An ominous sunset.
The all-sky camera tells the tale.

The only other noteworthy event was that we changed the batteries in the wind monitor, which means another week has gone by. The wind monitor continues to report 0 m/s, correctly.

The Instrument Scientist arrives for work just in time to change some batteries.

We had high hopes for tonight after seeing 0.34″ seeing last night. You should know that’s an upper limit – it was from one of the guiders, which can’t make images much smaller than that. So here’s a great song, which fits the disappointed clouded out mood. “This world is only gonna break your heart.”

And here’s an awesome cover of Wicked Game by Daughtry.