2014B Day 26: Cloud Free Once More

We opened our blackout curtains to a cloud-free sky yesterday evening. And then we had a long relaxing night in 0.5″ +/- 0.1″ seeing. We feel much better about life this morning.

The sky was gorgeous tonight, especially after being hidden so much last night.
This is more like it. A pretty steady 0.5″ night. We love LCO.

After 26 days of continuous MagAO, we have a few corrections and clarifications to make:

First of all, I did not change my code. We are FTEs of action, lies do not become us.

Second, Francois Menard insists that he was misquoted. I agree that he only took the telescope to 30.6 degrees elevation, not thirty point zero zero zero zero zero zero one. He also writes “You guys are the best. (you can quote me on this too!)”

A third area where the record is a bit spotty is the infamous graph of familial love by Kate. Several relevant correspondants have chimed in:

– Both Anna Morzinski (Katie’s Sister) and Josh Males (Jared’s Brother) report that they consume their MagAO news mainly via Feedly, which likely doesn’t show up on our site hits. That explains the low number of hits (5) from Nebraska, perhaps, and argues that the Morzinskis deserve a bit more credit. It does lead to the question of who else in Seattle is reading.

– On the other hand, it is not clear that Jerry Morzinski (Katie’s dad) has read to the end of a single post to date.

– Futher on the subject of the Morzinski family dedication to MagAO, we received (indirectly) an apparently very passionate objection to the entire Arizona count being credited to Laird. Katie’s brother Mike Morzinski and family (who live in Tucson) should also have been credited with a significant fraction of those hits. I also suspect that Buell Jannuzi can’t go more than a day without checking on us. In fact, it is no longer clear that Laird even remembers us, let alone looks at this blog.

– [redacted] also expressed some concern about [redacted] privacy being violated. I assure you that no personally identifiable information is reported to us, only the number of hits. It’s too bad, selling that stuff might be a good way to fund MagAO.

– It appears that the Brutlags have no excuses. They just don’t care.

Alycia arrived today, and is ready to push MagAO around for the next several nights. Other than misquotes and inter-family squabbling, the only real problem we had tonight was complete loss of internet for several hours. It’s amazing how many little things that affects. Computers started running out of memory (I thought Macs just worked?), we couldn’t check star catalogs, etc. A fun game to play is how do you use VoIP phones to report that your internet doesn’t work?

Our cloud-free sunset.
Sunset from inside the dome, through what I think is anti-viscacha wire.

Finally, you should know that there aren’t really any limits on MagAO’s availability. Here we show the loop closed (300 modes, 1 kHz, full gains) with the Sun up. Maybe we haven’t even stopped yet . . .

Sun’s up, loop’s closed.