2014B Day 27: The air is a-glow

Tonight was great. Good AO loop, good weather, good science. Last night, though, the internet was down for a few hours in the middle of the night, so we weren’t able to investigate the airglow until tonight, which we saw last night as fringing on the all-sky cam. Yuri Beletsky, Magellan Instrument Support Scientist and Astrophotographer, shared with us the following images he took of the airglow at LCO:



Check them out, they’re gorgeous pix!

Yuri also shared with us this link describing the phenomenon of airglow.

In our cell-phone-camera pictures, you can see some fog from a couple days ago (the terrible horrible no good very cloudy night) at dawn, reminiscent of some of the fog Yuri saw in his Amazing Airglow pic:

Fog rolling in around the Swope and DuPont at dawn 2 days ago

And some more goings-on:

The Clay at sunset — Panoramas by Jared
I know I’m not supposed to like clouds, and I don’t… but these are pretty. (Again from 2 days ago)
The VisAO PI going viscacha hunting at dusk

Typical breakfasts 1 and 2 — like hobbits!

First breakfast — at 7:30pm at the start of the night, up in the control room.
Second breakfast — at 7:30am before going to bed