2014B Day 32: Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my 3rd thanksgiving in 4 spent with MagAO somewhere other than home [note: that may be hint about understanding of the word “home”]. 3 years ago I had “thanksgiving” in Florence with my Mom and Dad and Laird. 2 years ago we were here at LCO duing our first-light commissioning run.

This is a much more down-to-business MagAO thanksgiving. Graeme Salter is here for a couple of nights using MagAO. His first night was pretty good – medium winds, clear skies, and roughly median seeing. The AO system played nice most of the night and I think we took some good data.

Alycia left today, and has the joy of traveling on Thanksgiving. Hope she makes it home without too much hassle! Laird is traveling today too, on his way back down for the home stretch.

There are at least two Viscachas in this picture of the valley.
There are two Arizona astronomers in this picture, not counting me. That’s Professor Dan Stark over there getting ready to use Baade. Click for the full version (Hi Anna!).
Tonight’s sunset was pretty good, but no flash.
A nice waxing moon is with us at sunset right now.

It’s thanksgiving, but we probably won’t be up in time for dinner — plus it’s a big meal right after waking up. So we celebrated thanksgiving this morning after sunrise.

This morning’s crop of O.J. waiting for thirsty astronomers

Katie tried to get a good spread going, in the Thanksgiving tradition of variety.

Katie with her traditional thanksgiving breakfast.

I went with two eggs over easy (dos huevos fritas), which I laid on some ham slices and melted cheese, and topped with a little Tobasco.

Some ham and eggs comin’ at you.

The instrument scientist also declared that since it’s thanksgiving, she should have pie for breakfast. Who are we to argue?

It is thanksgiving.

Here’s some music to listen to while you sit and ponder your reasons to be thankful.