2015B Day 2: Computing Computers Compute

Based on the issues Jared has been having with the Adsec Supervisor harddrives, we decided to test booting off the Clio harddrive spare that Vanessa and I made a few runs back. Laird and I supervised the crew moving the ASM to the top. Mauricio and I began pumping down Clio. And Jared continued to trouble shoot his various computers and cameras. Pictures:

Moving the ASM… again.
My favorite part was when Felix drove a little Suzuki onto the lift to test and recalibrate the pressure.
It boots!!!
Laird and Jared at work on the W-unit.
A different view.

Yesterday’s song of the day was by Kesha, so today’s is a fun Kesha parody by Jank about Astrobiology: