MagAO 2018A Day 2: Shell Set w/ All 64 bits!

The ASM and NAS are on the telescope, but, alas, we aren’t quite ready to go on sky. The big news is that, with our usual indispensable help from Alfio Puglisi, we managed to turn on and control the adaptive secondary mirror using our brand new 64 bit computers. Welcome to 2003 or so MagAO! For those of you that didn’t stay up all night, Alfio fixed the Housekeeper_gui bug, and we closed the loop on read-noise with 1e-4 gains. Everything appears to be working.

Here’s the ASM being installed:

Laird and Andrew cabled the ASM today.

The theme of this run is modernization. The work on Clio continues:

Phil and Katie hard at work on the Clio modernization.

Last time we were here, it was very green, almost lush. Not so much now.

LCO has returned to its brown and dry self.

But there’s still plenty of life around the mountain.

A tree at the Babcock Lounge.
A tree and century plant at the Babcock Lounge.
There are still flowers making a living here.
A different yellow flower coming through this brushy thingy.
We’ve seen these guys before.
These purplely pods look like they were once pretty too.
Flowers past their prime, but they must have been gorgeous.
No actual animal pictures today, but here is evidence that the Zorros are about.
Life, and flowers, grow wherever they can and everyone just lets them.
Tonight’s sunset.

Since I started my changeover to the night schedule, I went to bed and didn’t get up until lunch. I slept for more than 13 hours.

R.I.P. Avicii.