MagAO Commissioning Day 8: Shim shine.

Today was the first day with all the big guns:

From left: Laird Povilas Simone Phil Armando

We shimmed the ASM to put it in the middle of the range for collimation and focus.

Laird checking the shim calculations

Alfio and Jared tested the Bayside stages for collisions with the telescope — all clear.

Screen shot of VisAO working on the Clay telescope. This is our 1 micron PSF behind our occulting spot.

Phil has been checking Clio out in the clean room, testing the motors, homing, and taking internal pinhole images.

ASM (upper left) and as viewed through the NAS

Tonight – Povilas is working on the pointing model for the telescope.

This is to satisfy requests from our various mothers to see the dorms.


Derek: And then we make a real-time Zemax model.  I was born for this.

Laird: Hey Jared… while you’re looking at the blog… remember to look at your data!