MagAO-X 2019B Unpacking Day 2: MagAO-X Does Bongs

Unpacking Day 2 marks the 3rd day of MagAO-X unpacking activities, which only makes sense if you’re a computer scientist or you just try not to think about it too much.

Alex and Laird began the day by removing the teflon bars that had been installed in front of particularly expensive optics for protection during shipping.

Laird and Alex hard at work in the clean room

Meanwhile, Jared pressure-tested the electronics rack coolant system while I set up the AO Operator Computer.

We filled the instrument coolant lines with glycol and hooked the table to air, giving MagAO-X its first breath and drink at LCO.

The instrument table’s first breath of mountain air
Fresh glycol adds a much-needed splash of color to the instrument.

After passing its pressure test, the electronics rack coolant system joined in on the activities. Things got a little out of hand when Jared fashioned a makeshift bong and started passing out mixed drinks (glycol and distilled water — not recommended for human consumption).

And, most importantly, the goats made another appearance.

Alex visited with goats during an afternoon stroll.

I present the MagAO-X song of the day: “Always Something There to Remind Me” by Naked Eyes (related to the most recent MagAO-C song by its year of release—a tenuous but legal connection) .