MagAO-X 2020A Stay at Home Day 37: Stuck in the House Music

It’s been a week since I last blogged, and I’ve got an update on last week’s COVID-19 antibody test! The good news is: blood tests indicate I’ve successfully avoided getting sick. The bad news is, I’m therefore still at risk.

Several other eXtreme Wavefront Control Lab students got tested and they had no evidence of recent infection, either. I suppose we are the study’s eXtreme Wavefront control group.

I have been encouraged to include a cute cat picture, as these are always popular with our readers. I have included a photograph of Mr. Alexander the Great expressing what I believe is called “a total mood”.

Cat burying his face in his blankets

On an unrelated note, I was reading through the group chat with my extended family today and saw a link to It was touted as a resource for obtaining TP in These Uncertain Times. Upon their site, it reads:

Now is the time to take comfort in one another and in the fact that we are working tirelessly to provide you with the comfort of Quilted Northern® toilet paper.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

Your song of the day: “Mask, Glove, Soap, Scrubs” by Todrick Hall off “Quarantine Queen”. Todrick has been making spectacularly involved YouTube parodies since I was in high school (at least). The below video is a re-write of one of his own songs that really puts the ‘house’ in ‘house music’.