MagAO-X 2022A Day 21: It was bound to happen eventually.

Whelp, here we are. After 20 days of the most excellent weather and 9 nights of impeccable seeing (last night was truly remarkable observing conditions!) we have finally hit a night with some clouds. We spent some time on a target for one of our collaborators and got her some good data, but as I write this (nearing midnight) the dome is closed and we are switching to the lab light source to do some engineering.

Here is a gif of the all-sky camera for about 10 mins, so you can see what we’re lookin’ at:

The LCO weather map showing clouds rolling in over our little red dot.

So MagAO-X got some engineering time and we took a sci-fi break thanks to Joseph’s projector he brought.

Featuring the incomparable Thomas Jane as Miller in S1 of the Expanse
Hernan the telescope operator joins us for some Expanse.
Jared says: “Photo capturing that the Grand-PI, PI, and Uncle Sagan Fellow are in the control room working while the grad students and T.O. watch a movie in the lounge.  #clouds #lifeatlco”
Jared gets a pic of the closed telescope with all the clouds.

So in lieu of data, I present to you, for no particular reason, viscachas as sad celebrities.

In honor of the peaches in syrup they like to serve for dessert here, which is delicious, the song of the day in Peaches by Presidents of the United States of America.