MagAO-X 2022B Day 19: The sky makes us sad but at least there’s vizzies.

So the last two nights have followed the same pattern: decent seeing and good images until about midnight-1am, then seeing creeps up and up and up and blows past the top of the chart, and we all slump around the control room and lounge in a funk. But tonight there is an added bonus of a storm rolling in!

As I write this here is the current weather conditions:

Education break: “seeing” is how astronomers quantify how sharp or blurry a star image is. Basically if the seeing is 1 arcsecond, then a star’s image will span about 1 arcsecond on the sky. So a large seeing value means more smeared out images. MagAO-X really needs low seeing to function well – 1 arcsecond is difficult for us to work in. 2 arcseconds is unheard of!! Until the last few nights that is.

The best data we’ve gotten the last few days is VIZZIES!!!!!



With bonus tiny dust bath

More pics from today

Hoping in vain for a green flash

Some quotes:

You know your greed for empanadas is not one of your better qualities

Tomorrow is empanada Sunday after all

You know what they say. Dry hands at night astronomer’s delight.

Humidity bad.

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