MagAO-X 2022B Day 20 – Dripping when we should be KLIPping

I’m baaaaaack. My last post on April 23 promised that if I got to come in person, I’d bring goodies. I tried to make good, but bad weather makes for a lot of snacking need.

Uh oh, two nights to go and the wasabi peas and dark chocolate covered pretzels are already gone. Jared is extraordinarily pleased by his invention of mixing the beans and peas.
Not shown: chocolate covered pretzels

The daytime weather has been lovely, for the viscachas and humans who happen to be awake then. After a couple hours of data taking, the dome started dripping tonight. Maybe our Vizzy friends are taking showers under it.

The dad and teen in my family are almost certainly opting for DoorDash tonight and not nibbling on vegetables.
I like to think of this as “Dad and teen viscachas fend for themselves while mom viscacha observes.” I think they just went out to dinner.
Logan’s Vizzy Viddy of the day.

In case you were wondering, KLIP is an algorithm we use for reducing our MagAO-X data, so we’d rather be KLIPping than Dripping.

I got a taste of sunshine today when I got up early to get my get-out-of-bubble Covid test (negative, yay!) and then treated myself to a cheese empanada by going to lunch. Eden has provided this view of our dome’s “empanada empire.”

The empanada stash.  If you take one of my leftovers, I will hunt you down and make you regret it.
Don’t think we only have 18 empanadas; the cheese are two to a packet. There should have been 28 total since Jared made us all order 4 each.

Is it really possible that no one has used Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” as song of the day before? Drops of starlight are, alas, falling on the ground and not the mirrors tonight as drops of water fall from the dome.