MagAO-X 2023A Day 1: Ready to Boot

We had a modestly productive day today. Our main goal during these first couple of lab days is to overhaul our instrument control computer (ICC). Joseph has been arguing with it all day, and maybe has it coming into shape as of sunset tonight.

The day started with a Vizzy visit.

Vizzy the (current) cleanroom Viscacha. He was a little bit agitated because of a bunch of forklift operations, but settled down for a photo.

After a brief (planned) power outage we got to work putting MagAO-X on its air legs.

Mauricio Cabrales and Emilio Cerda helped us run the crane.

Overall it was a solid animal day.

Double Guanacos by the Telescopio Solar.
Herd of burros by the 100 inch.
Two cautiously friendly girls hoping for food.
I have a roommate.

A brightening moon hangs over the observatory at sunset.

The song of the day is “Ready to Go” by Republica. This was the signature song of an Australian cover band playing a bar in Bahrain in mid-2003. In Bahrain there aren’t very many bars and few of those were playing good ‘ole rock and role, so the crew of USS Pasadena (SSN-752)* spent a lot of time in this particular one. I’ve been listening to this ever since.

Ready to Go by Republica

*The photo of Pasadena pulling into Pearl marks my only known presence on wikipedia.