MagAO-X 2023A Day 2: Know When to Fold ’em

Today started auspiciously, with a double viz:

A viscacha on the left
And a viscacha on the right

And there was a distant guanaco:

A guanaco looking back at me

Plus this little guy:

A tarantula crossing the road to Magellan

But alas, we ended the night with the decision to undo the last two days of Joseph’s hard work and abandon our attempt to upgrade a computer O/S. (We also discovered that one of our main motivations for upgrading on this run was . . . still a problem). So it’s back to trusty ‘ole CentOS in the morning.

I’ve seen Clint Black live twice. The first time was at the 1995 edition of We Fest, what was then the “Camping and Country Music Festival” but is now just a “Country Music Festival”. That there’s why I don’t go no more. The second time was in Lincoln, Nebraska a few years later. I almost saw him live a third time last Fall in Tucson, but couldn’t make it.

This is one of my favorite Clint Black songs:

A Good Run Of Bad Luck by Clint Black

Also from a great movie. It’s funny that Clint is wearing white here, both times I saw him he was in head-to-toe black as one would expect.