MAPS Oct. 2023B Night 2: Water falling from the sky!!!

As a current resident of Arizona and a former resident of New Mexico, part of me must celebrate when water falls from the sky in these drought-stricken drylands or deserts. As an astroengineer and astrophysicist, it does make observing …difficult. Either way, it’s still beautiful:

Afternoon at The Ridge. [Image description: A mountain scene straight outta the SouthWest. The valley floor is covered in brown rocky foothills that look like choppy waves in the ocean. The nearby mountainside is covered in dark green foliage with a scrubby texture. The sky is filled with thick heavy dark rain clouds. Yet a beauiful orange glow peaks through a gap below the clouds and above the distant valley where a sunbeam illuminates shafts of rain falling in the distance.]
A photo of the MMT today. [Image description: In the foreground are the crowns of some green and brown pine trees. In the middleground there is some sort of a brown ridgeline, kinda hazy. In the background there is white mist/fog (where the telescope dome is, but cannot be seen).]

You’ll recall yesterday we had trouble with our WFS controller. We reached out to our network of contacts for a spare part. We also began preparations to switch to our other WFS. And we even opened for around an hour tonight in a gap in the humidity and clouds! But we need more time… so we’re staying hopeful for tomorrow night.

The video of the night is “OUR LAND Episode 5: Dry Land”

OUR LAND Episode 5: Dry Land from The Greenhorns on Vimeo.