2016B Day 13: Return of the CRO

Marco, Runa, Enrico, and Fernando left yesterday. Kelsey and Lauren left today. And Simone and Armando are leaving tomorrow. After Laird’s very nice technical post yesterday, I will just have some pretty pictures for today. We started the evening with a very delicious meal of Hector’s pizza which is so good! Then we got back on the CRO to take more interaction matrices, after the success of yesterday’s brief on-sky test of our basic calibrations.

These power spectra show the input turbulence (red) and the rejection with our corrections at different orders with different numbers of modes. Yes this is a pretty picture.
Enrico took this picture of the CRO alignment — nice job! Yes this is another pretty picture.
MagAO women: Lauren, me, and Kelsey.
Sunday was a 3-vizcacha day. I named them Vizzy, Grumpy, and Vizcochito.