Maintenance Visit Day 4: the wild ones

After yesterday’s excitement with the motor changeout, today was a boring old software day. VisAO now has a fully realtime operating system, which should make our telemetry more reliable. I also have overscan working on the CCD47, or at least the pixels are coming off the detector. I still have some work to do to get the data saved correctly. Overscan (for bias correction) wasn’t a priority because we thought we’d always be looking at bright targets, where taking shutter darks wouldn’t be very expensive at high frame rates. But Kate Follette insists on looking at faint things with VisAO, and with longer exposure times having bias pixels will help our efficiency a bunch.

Now, I’m almost out of here, and it wouldn’t be a visit to LCO without at least one selfie in the poop-covered mirror.

Where’s Alan?

I went over the back side to see if I could find any wild viscachas. I found a mom and baby vizzy:

A momma and a baby Viscacha. I couldn’t get very close.