Clio handover

Tuesdays are when LCO staff swap shifts.  A meeting is held with all technical staff, who share information in order for the handover to go smoothly.  This afternoon, the instrument staff who are keeping Clio cool met to show each other how it works.

Clio handover 1
Clio handover 1 - Victor Meriño, Mauricio Navarrete, Alan Uomoto, and Gabriel Martin
Clio handover 2
Clio handover 2 - Mauricio Navarrete, Jorge Bravo, Gabriel Martin, and Alan Uomoto
Clio handover 3
Clio handover 3 - Victor Meriño, Jorge Bravo, Gabriel Martin, Emilio Cerda, and Mauricio Navarrete


Clio handover 4
Clio handover 4 - Gabriel Martin, Jorge Bravo, Mauricio Navarrete, and Alan Uomoto