New Results In The Chamaeleon

Now that the MagAO team has (mostly) recovered from our epic 6 week stay at LCO, we are turning our attention to processing all of the great data we’ve been taking. We’re also happy to announce two new publications based on MagAO data which have been accepted to the Astrophysical Journal, both of which looked at stars in the constellation Chamaeleon.

Ya-Lin Wu has been studying the young star CT Cha with VisAO. You can read about his results here.

Steph Sallum used Clio2, in combination with some other instruments, and used a resolution-boosting technique called non-redundant masking to take a look at T Cha. You can find out about her results here.

We have a bunch of other papers in the works, and we’re already starting to plan for our next run, which starts May 3rd. Stay tuned!