2014B Day 1: Isn’t this fun?!

MagAO fans… we have arrived! It’s nice to be back here at LCO in Chile, where all the coffee is strong, all the viscachas are good-looking, and all the food is above average. Jared, Laird, and I left Tucson on Saturday and arrived here on Sunday, for an uneventful trip. Believe it or not, due to various issues with our respective houses in Tucson (involving construction, plumbing, and wildlife), we are all looking forward to some peace and quiet on the mountain even though this is such hard work!

But see, it is so beautiful and peaceful up here:

Gorgeous views of LCO. It’s good to be back!

Here’s the NAS and our equipment, waiting for us!

After dinner, Laird and Jared inspected the ASM and the NAS:

Laird and Jared inspect the shell. It’s still in 1 piece!

Jared and Laird remove the dust covers from the NAS.

And I worked with Victor and Juan to vacuum-pump Clio:

Here is Clio being pumped to vacuum.

Clio vacuum pump.

And finally, I thought I’d share a couple older pictures with you. One is Jared giving a public talk a few weeks ago about MagAO and extrasolar planets, at a super fun event called “Space Draft” (https://www.as.arizona.edu/space-drafts-public-talk-series) at a local Tucson brewpub called Borderlands:

You can see the Magellan Clay telescope and our logo on his slide — we got to see all our old friends today!

And the other picture is of the 3 concurrent Sagan Fellows at the University of Arizona, which we took last week at dinner with a friend visiting from out of town. My fellowship is just ending and Ian’s just started so this was the only time to get the overlap picture! We all study extrasolar planets and we hope you keep following the blog to hear more about what we are up to!

Katie Morzinski, Jared Males, and Ian Crossfield — the 3 concurrent NASA Sagan Fellows at the U of A — overlapping briefly.

“Isn’t this fun?!?!” -Jared, happy to be back.

It’ll be 6 weeks until Jared and I see Tucson again, so here we go: