2015B Day 3: MagAO 2 GMT

Clio is cold, thanks to Mauricio Navarette’s help with the liquid nitrogen. He brought a longer hose, showed me how to clear out the warm air before pumping it in, and filled Clio when ever he could today.

Cooling Clio

Jared and I went for a ride in the new Clay car with Michigan grad students Jeb Bailey and Yingyi Song to the GMT site. Buell posted about the ground-breaking ceremony last week — it wasn’t just ceremonial, there is actual construction going on up there. It’s a huge flat Cerro Campanas and we found some rocks that ring like bells as the name says.

The GMT site

Panorama from GMT of Magellan
Jared and me at the GMT site

Yesterday’s song of the day was a pop parody about science. Today’s song of the day is a pop parody about doing science: