Maintenance Visit Day 1: Vizzy Lives

MagAO is back at LCO, or, well, at least I am to do some maintenance. We have a bunch of improvements to make, and a few bugs to sort out too, and we don’t want to save them until a few days before our next run.

Before I get to the wildlife, did you add your name to the petition yet? Now is your chance to weigh in on what to name the first planet discovered by MagAO. Go here to see what it’s all about.

Well, Vizzy is alive and well. Here he/she is, obviously happy to see me:

Vizzy the Viscacha on her perch at the LCO clean room. I think this is Miss Vizz…

The sky has been beautiful today. Here’s the LCO lodge, the GMT site, and La Silla Observatory in the background, at sunset tonight.

That’s the LCO “hotel”, a.k.a. The Babcock Lodge, and behind it is the GMT site. You can see La Silla’s domes in the distance.