MagAO-Classic posts

  • 2017A Day 6: Better than OK


    Laird Close

    2017A Day 6: Better than OK
    Hi all you MagAO fans, last night we had some excitement (which as long time readers of the blog know — that means something broke). After a fairly routine night we had just settled into a nice rhythm at around 3AM. Then the telescope rotator decided to stop rotating — which wasn’t a big deal, ...
  • 2017A Day 5: OK


    Katie Morzinski

    2017A Day 5: OK
    It was a 3-Sagan day: We’ve had lots of good food this week: And tonight at dinner Hector asked us why we hadn’t asked for empanadas in our night-lunch forms — well, we had forgotten it was Sunday! He sent up plenty of empanadas anyway — he takes good care of us! And Alexis made potato chips ...
  • 2017A Day 4: Settled In


    Jared Males

    2017A Day 4: Settled In
    The clouds stayed away tonight, and we settled in to our normal habits — it’s been over a year since we did that! As usual when left to ourselves, we spent 4+ hours on one target and let the Sun open the loop. Our friends were out enjoying the warm summer weather today.
  • 2017A Day 3: Umbrella


    Ya-Lin Wu

    2017A Day 3: Umbrella
    It was cloudy and windy and foggy, so we stayed in the control room waiting for the clouds to go away. Laird felt bored at the beginning of the night, but he immediately realized the adaptive secondary mirror was in danger. The ASM is very delicate, and even a single raindrop can potentially destroy it. ...
  • 2017A Day 2: Vizzyhog Day


    Katie Morzinski

    2017A Day 2: Vizzyhog Day
    Like the groundhog, 2 vizcachas decided to appear today — I guess that means we have 6 more weeks of summer (? since we’re in the southern hemisphere). Actually, it meant that we had a nice welcome to our first night on the telescope in 2017. We started with some guider engineering, then went on ...
  • 2017A Day 1: Ready


    Jared Males

    2017A Day 1: Ready
    MagAO is all ready to go on the telescope. ASM is in the dome, NAS is packed up, and Clio is cold (enough). Here are a couple of standard day before pics. A new feature at LCO is a crosswalk at the occasionally busy saddle intersection. Such things usually occur for a reason. ...
  • 2017A Day 0: Is this thing on?


    Katie Morzinski

    The 2017A MagAO team made it to LCO! It’s beautiful here on the mountain. Hector cooked us a delicious dinner of fish, potatoes, soup, salad, and pudding. I checked on Clio’s vacuum (which Victor started for me on Sunday) and it’s at $10^{-6}$ so it’s looking good to start liquid nitrogen cooling first thing ...
  • 2017A Day -1: Blogging Begins


    Jared Males

    2017A Day -1: Blogging Begins
    Well, here we go. Laird, Katie, Jared, and Ya-Lin are on our way to LCO. We’ve already not seen our first green flash. I’m a bit worried though. We’re not even a day into the run and Laird is already exhausted. So we’re bringing back the old “Telephone Game” rules. As usual, every ...
  • 2016B Day 21: LAN tries to “help”


    Katie Morzinski

    2016B Day 21: LAN tries to "help"
    The MagAO team has made it to Tucson in time for Thanksgiving! And the Gemini Planet Imager team travels seem to be going well too — We ran into Jenny Patience, Julien Rameau, and Ben Gerard of GPIES at the La Serena airport, who were just coming off a 6-night GPI run. Our La Serena-Santiago ...
  • 2016B Day 20: No WiFi


    Jared Males

    I don’t have wifi in my room tonight. We’re all done, leaving tomorrow. Song of the day: Dee-ner Dee-ner Dee-ner Dee-ner, Dee-ner Dee-ner Dee-ner Dee-ner, Dee-ner Dee-ner Dee-ner Dee-ner, Dee-ner Dee Dee Dee. (the rules say nothing about what form the song must take)