2014A Day 25: A Photogenic Day

After another busy night, I didn’t put together a substantive post. Thankfully, today was a beautiful day, with plenty of both literal and eye candy for the blog.

Francois played Easter bunny and hid chocolate eggs around the control room for all to enjoy.

Thanks, Francois!


Jared spotted our friendly local Easter “bunny”

Jared spotted Vizz chillin’ in the rafters


And Jen had a new roommate when she woke up this morning

Much less intimidating than a mouse.
Jen’s pint-sized lizard friend


I took a few last photos of the local flora at sunset

Clay’s twin Baade is visible in the background
The sunset was fiery red
I finally reached the top after a long mozy up


Here are a couple more  stunning photos Jan Skowran and Yuri Beletsky took over the last few nights:

The twin telescopes: Clay and Baade by moonlight
Jan caught another sweet shot just as we were switching targets.
Before the moon rose, Yuri captured this beautiful deep exposure, with the Milky Way and airglow.

I feel like I’ve just arrived, and it’s already time to head home. It’s been a blast working with a great group of team members, telescope crew, and observers.

Until next time, MagAO!

My last chance to see a green flash

Though it’s about 24hr door to door, I remind myself that it’s not so far in the grand scheme of things: