MagAO-X 2020A Stay At Home Day 17: Summertime sadness

Before I moved to Tucson, I thought there were four seasons. Since living here, I’ve learned there are five. Fall, winter, spring, summer, and the North American Monsoon.

I also used to think summer started at the end of May. However, we’re already facing our first 90+ºF (32+ºC) day next week.

Soon we will become nocturnal desert dwellers, emerging at night or before dawn for our socially distant jogging. Eventually, it will be too hot even for this, and we will have to estivate.

Also, the University just announced its furlough plan on Friday, which will impact many of our People. This may have far reaching impacts, possibly extending even to our blog operations.

The Blog Board of Regents will have to weigh in.

Because of all this, your Song of the Day is “Summertime Sadness” by Lana del Rey.

Of course, the definitive version is the dance remix by Cedric Gervais: