MagAO-X 2022A Day 28: Pack it up Pack it in

After a grueling day yesterday we were all blessed with a full 12 hours of sleep last night. And it was long overdue, especially for our hard-charging PI and Post-Doc. So with a renewed spirit, everyone feeling much more themselves today, we joined the LCO crew in getting MagAO-X buttoned up and ready to ship back to Tucson.

And thank goodness for the crew! They are professionals and did most of the hard work and crane ops today.

Mauricio (black shirt) leads the LCO crew in getting the cling-wrapped and foil-wrapped MagAO-X up onto the shock mount for the trip back to AZ.

The two biggest items to get ready are MagAO-X and the electronics rack. Both are wrapped up and stuffed into giant white wooden boxes via crane for shipping.

Sebastiaan wrapping the electronics box in cling wrap. And wrapping… and wrapping… and wrapping………..

The electronics box all wrapped and lookin’ good.
Seriously the scariest part as the electronics box is lowered GENTLY onto its side.
EEEE the nerves!
PI Jared securing the lifting rings on top of the MagAO-X box.
Old shipping labels had to be replaced with new ones.
The front panel to the MagAO-X box is a beast!
A datalogger attached to the shock mount to record the forces the instrument experiences on its journey.

There is a third box to ship containing the operating computer (not pictured), and a whole bunch of stuff that lives down here full time and is not traveling to Tucson.

A clean cleanroom awaiting our return in November.

The vizzys were in excellent form today.

We ended well before dinner and enjoyed some rare down time before our last meal at LCO. And one more sunset to close us out.

Thanks to Joseph, Jared, and Laird for the pics in this post. Stay tuned for tomorrow as we journey back north.

I wanted the song of the day to be Jump Around by House of Pain (You know: “Pack it up pack it in, let me begin…”) but the copyright refused to let me embed. So here is “Pack Up” by Eliza Doolittle. And this song rocks y’all.