MAPS Oct. 2023B Night 4: That’s a wrap

Tonight we had great weather: low winds, moderate humidity, good seeing (0.6”–0.8”), and spent the whole night from civil dusk to civil dawn on bright stars near zenith! We stuck with the IR WFS and did calibrations and noise measurements all night long. For example, here is a Hadamard Matrix measurement using CACAO to look at the inter-actuator stroke:

[Image description: CACAO GUIs showing pyramid pupils and weird spirally shapes commanded on the ASM.]

And here are the CACAO and ASM control screens:

[Image description: Pyramid pupils and ASM commands per actuator.]

And we got some PSFs with MIRAC (although we only got up to 30 modes closed so I don’t have a good AO-on/AO-off sequence), here are some nice L-band speckles:

[Image description: Speckly un-corrected PSF at L-band.]

We compared the latency measured with the visible WFS (top) and the IR WFS (bottom):

[Image description: Two scatter plots of latency tests.]

Video of the night: Inspired by all the animals we’ve seen at the MMT or the drive up here (jack rabbits, owls, grey foxes, skunks, and… baby coatis!), here is a video of coatis looking like brontosaurs if you run them backwards:

[Media description: YouTube video of coatis walking, video has been reversed, and the Jurassic Park Theme music is playing. They look like brontosaurs!]