MagAO-eXtreme Posts

  • New Lab Member


    Logan Pearce

    New Lab Member
    A beautiful Tucson sunset tonight + iPhone portrait mode + a smidge of the secret Adobe Lightroom sauce = impromptu photo shoot! Please welcome the new member of XWC Lab, a new LAB member! Meet Lani, my new 2 year old yellow lab! Lani came to me via friend of a friend who was looking to ...
  • Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Schatz!


    Joseph Long

    Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Schatz!
    Resident pyramid expert Dr. Lauren Schatz defended her thesis work today, despite pandemic pandemonium. The field has decided to accept her (with minor revisions), and she will be joining the Air Force Research Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico later this year. We’ll miss her a lot, but every wavefront sensed by MagAO-X will have her fingerprints ...
  • Non-stationary Stationery


    Jhen Lumbres

    Non-stationary Stationery
    One of the most painful things I’ve had to do in graduate school is writing. It’s probably the worst necessary evil in academia. I’ll take documentation and giving presentations any day over writing papers. I’ve finished writing the first full draft of the MagAO-X Fresnel modeling paper and it’s going through the comment cycles. But ...
  • First Closed-Loop Experiment with the GMT Simulator


    Alex Hedglen

    First Closed-Loop Experiment with the GMT Simulator
    Tonight was supposed to be MagAO-X’s third night on sky with the Magellan Clay telescope in Chile, but due to the pandemic, MagAO-X is still sitting in the lab in Tucson. It’s sad that we haven’t been to Chile since 2019, but we have been making the most of the time that we do have ...
  • Fake it ’til you make it


    Joseph Long

    Fake it 'til you make it
    Steward Observatory and Department of Astronomy tradition is to spend valuable grad student time concocting plans to amuse, vex, or embarrass the principal investigator. Note to P.I.: This also means any embarrassing mistakes you’ve seen me make have been absolutely intentional. We call these pranks, though I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. In any case, we ...
  • Sunset Here But Not There


    Jared Males

    Sunset Here But Not There
    The sun has just set here in Tucson. But we were supposed to be watching the sunset at LCO tonight, taking our usual break from preparing our instrument for a night of observing. On the schedule, this was to be our first of eleven nights exploring the sky with MagAO-X. An LCO sunset ...
  • Noodle Adventures


    Jhen Lumbres

    Noodle Adventures
    Carbohydrates compose what are good in life: rice, noodles, bread. While Tucson has some very solid Asian noodle options (Noodleholics, Fatman Kitchen, Tuk Tuk Thai, Miss Saigon, Raijin Ramen…), I still reach out for the instant noodle packages that I buy from my local Asian markets. Come take a journey with me through some instant ...
  • Purrride and Prejudice


    Lauren Schatz

    Purrride and Prejudice
    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune (lots of wet food), must be in want of a wife. An unprecidented whirlwind romance has budded between Katniss and my neighbor’s cat. His name is Bandit, and true to his name, he has stolen Katniss’s heart. Monsieur Bandit ...
  • Rainbow Chocolate


    Jhen Lumbres

    Rainbow Chocolate
    It has come to my attention that it’s already February, which means CHOCOLATE. Every Valentine’s day, I prepare boxes of chocolate to give away to everyone in XWCL and my friends. It’s one of the Hallmark holidays I look forward to the most for chocolate making. Not that chocolate needs an excuse, of course. Valentine’s chocolates ...
  • Welcome to Flagpole, AZ


    Jay Kueny

    Welcome to Flagpole, AZ
    It’s true- Flagstaff was this 🤏 close to being named Flagpole, which just doesn’t have the same ring if you ask me. Truth be told, this weather lately has me missing thin air and Ponderosa Pines so allow me to reminisce a bit and take you on a virtual tour through my “perfect day” ...